Shooting at the Palace

  Sounds great doesn't it, shooting at the Palace, unfortunately the closest I get to a Palace is the Palace Theatre in Redditch, which offers a fantastic eclectic mix of entertainment throughout the year for theatre goers around the town and surrounding area.

When the opportunity presented itself to shoot a touring theatre company there, I jumped at it. The original idea was to shoot the dress rehearsal, however when I got there it was pretty obvious things were a little way behind as they were still organising the technical detail of lighting, so ended up shooting in rather strange lighting conditions.

It certainly was a bit of fun shooting the cast, in a totally deserted theatre with the option of roaming more or less anywhere I wanted to, just a shame the lighting wasn't sorted to offer more stable lighting. Hearing the Director keep saying he liked dark surroundings and more moody and characteristic lighting was somewhat disheartening, I was hoping for something a little more upbeat and brighter to really capture the detail.

Here's a few images of the shoot.