Working on my Sideline

It’s been a little while since I caught up with the blog. Things have been a little busy around here, and one thing I’ve been working on is the launch of my new sideline, custom leather camera straps. Just like anyone else out there, I love great camera gear and enjoy adding the little bits and pieces that make the difference to my kit, when the big things are just out of reach. Having rocked a pretty lame nylon wrist strap since I’ve owned my Fuji, I had a look around for a wrist strap I really liked, and in spite of finding one or two, I wasn’t particularly blown away by what I found in the UK. There’s guys in the USA doing pretty good things, but not so much in the UK. So I’ve been working away putting together some ideas for leather camera straps, both neck straps and wrist straps, which I’m now promoting gently.


They’re made from full grain, premium quality leather, which is ½” wide, and approximately 3-4mm thick. I found a lot of the straps out there a lot thinner than this, both in width and thickness, and personally I prefer a thicker strap simply for that secure feeling I get from it. They’re riveted, and use D rings together with split rings for connecting to the camera, as this seems, again a pretty secure method of fixing.

If you’ve not had a leather strap on your camera before, I have to say it’s a beautiful thing. The neck strap I have on mine now is fantastic, for the smell and feel of it - it’s far more tactile than a nylon strap and of course a leather strap suits the Fuji range perfectly.


Personally, having used a leather strap, I don’t think I’d go back to anything else now - either for a wrist or neck strap, it feels safe and secure, the looks of it are perfect, the touch and feel really nice, and finally when you open the bag to get your camera out you get hit with that beautiful natural smell only leather has.

If you are interested in finding out more, then hop over to my leather camera strap website, which is here at BLUEandBELL. At present, I’m running a promotion with 10% off the selling price if you use the coupon WORLDCUP14 in the cart.