Nissin i40 Flash - Quick Review

It's fair to say I've never really been very enthusiastic about flash. Firstly I know very little about it from a technical aspect, and secondly whenever I use it I always think the images are a little forced and not particularly flattering in a lot of situations. However, it's kind of a pre-requisite that I have the option of flash now in some situations when the light is against me and so I set out trying to find a simple, easy solution for my needs. Earlier this year I bought a Yongnou 560III. A big battleship of a speedlite, powerful and great value for money. However, It soon became apparent that perched on top of my X-Pro1 or X-T1 it was a little ludicrous although when the settings were right the performance was really good. It's also manual, which for me means some guesswork when it comes to getting the power consistently right for the subject in hand.

I wanted something smaller in keeping with my Fuji kit, and also easier to navigate. A fit and forget option really, that was still capable of producing the desired result.

Enter the Nissin i40. I'd previously looked at what Fuji had to offer but at the price points they were considering, they were all pretty limited given the cost and technology of them.

Nissin i40 Flash Gun | Dave Young Fotografia
Nissin i40 Flash Gun | Dave Young Fotografia

The Nissin i40 isn't a new speedlite, but it is a new addition for the Fuji line up this year and offers the perfect option for those wanting to carry a speedlite for when needed.  It kind of looks in keeping with the Fuji look as well with dials on the back for altering the settings of the flash, and certainly doesn't look out of place on any of the Fuji camera range.

It's small in size, relatively powerful, has a bounce and swivel facility, doesn't look out of place on almost all of the Fuji range and of course is TTL. This means it's a fit and forget option - pop it on the camera, set it to TTL, and let the camera and speedlite work out the metering between them.

Main Features -

  Size: 85 x 61 x 85 (mm)   Weight just 203g   Focal Length range 24 - 105mm (auto adjustment)   Supports high speed synch (up to 1/8000th shutter speed)   Wireless TTL   Easily fit into a pocket   Powered by 4x AA batteries   Head features 180° horizontal and 90° vertical rotation   Guide Number of 40 at 105mm

It does offer the option of going manual as required, but for almost all situations I personally want it for, TTL works for me. It takes 4 AA batteries, which provide plenty of power to get you through the day from a single set, and its diminutive size means it pops into a pocket easily.

It also comes supplied with a little stand and diffuser and I believe if you use a Canon OC-3 cord you can use it off camera but retain the TTL option too.

As someone who definitely has a preference to shoot without flash, it's good to have the Nissin tucked away for those moments when the light has faded away to the extent that even at high ISO levels, the camera needs a bit of help, and I'd certainly recommend it to almost any kitbag.